Annual Trip To Sardinia Searching For New Delights

We are ready for our annual trip to Sardinia, visiting our producers and with few new appointments in search of products to add to our range. We are starting from Alghero, our home town where we always have good food and a chance to try something new. We are travelling to central Sardinia, Ovodda, to try a brand new bread from our Pane Carasau’s producer. On Tuesday we will be in North Sardinia to try the Slow Food “protected Product” “Pecorino di Osilo”; this pecorino is smaller that the traditional pecorino sardo, it has a very creamy texture even after 5/6 months of aging; it is due to the curd cut into small pieces and a long press during the cheese making process. We will also visiting Tula and Chiaramonti where we will be tasting smoked ricotta, Ricotta “Mustìa”.

We will see you at one of our Markets in London, with more news about our trip and with new products, along the Myrtle Berries Cured Sausage and Blue Cheese from Pattada, to add to our range.

Buona serata

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Capo Caccia Summer news 2014

Our First Wine Tasting in Alghero was a great success.
We tasted 5 Sardinian wines matched with some hams, cured sausages and cheeses from our range, as the Guanciale, Fennel Salami, Black Pepper Pecorino and Peretta Cheese. Our Producers came along with a selection of their products and new Salami and Cheese. We tried, for the first time, the myrtle berries cured sausage made with myrtle leaves and a sheep’s milk blue cheese. We paired the sausage with a Cannonau wine and the blue cheese with a sweet wine from Cantine Argiolas.
Here you will find the full list of the wine we had on the 22nd August.
We are aiming to organize more events in Sardinia next year and the Myrtle Salami and Blue Cheese from Pattada will be part of the Capo Caccia Fine Food range for Christmas 2014.

Spumante, “Birbante” from Tenuta Asinara, matched with Guanciale.
Vermentino, “Canayli” from Cantina Gallura, matched with Sardinian Cured ham and cow’s milk Peretta cheese.
Nebbiolo, “Karana” from Cantina Gallura, matched with semi matured goat cheese and fennel salami.
Cannonau, “Isalle” from Cantina di Dorgali, matched with matured pecorino, red wine and myrtle berries cured sausage.
Passito, “Angialis” from Cantine Argiolas, matched with Blue Cheese from Pattada

We will be visiting our producer of “Pane Carasau” in September, we are also going to North Sardinia, to try the Pecorino from Osilo and to visit a new producer in Tula
New Cheese and salami will be available at Capo Caccia Fine Food Markets in the next few months.

You can also visit us at our depot in East Dulwich SE22, we are planning to open it weekly in collaboration with Pastificio Mansi and The Avocado Cafe.

In the meantime, you can join us at our next event on the 21st September.
at Unit 10, Tyrrell Trading Estate, SE22 9NA
Hope to See you there!

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